Will Your Dog Benefit From A Raw Food Diet?

For many dog owners the idea of feeding their pet a raw food diet might seem like the most natural thing in the world. After all man’s best friend spent thousands of years surviving on just that – raw food. Or so you would think.

raw steak

But our four legged friends are simply not the wild creatures that they were descended from. They have been part of human society for so long that their very biology’s have changed. So a raw food diet – when not supplemented by other ingredients can actually be damaging for their health.

So if you are contemplating a raw food diet for your dog what should you be looking at to ensure that your pet remains in tip top shape?

Just throwing in some steak or ground beef into a bowl is not the ideal approach to a raw food diet. There also need to be other additives to ensure the health of your pet.

Bone and organ meat as well as the addition of vegetables might provide the ideal mix for your dog. You might also need to provide some vitamin supplements for your dog. The issue is that there are no set guidelines. Most of the guidelines for adequate dog nutrition are set to police the supply of dry dog food. This sort of food contains set amounts of trace elements and other grains (for instance) that ensure that the dog receives all the nutrition that they need.

One great idea is to include such ingredients like eggs and cooked seafood (oysters are great) in the raw meat diet. These will ensure that the dog receives those trace elements that are so important for peak health. Organ meat such as liver, a small amount of salt – and even kelp can all contribute to keeping a dog healthy. Cod liver oil can also aid in digestion and health.

The addition of vegetables is great. But pet owners should be aware that dogs don’t digest plant material as well as humans. Precooking vegetables is one suggested way to get that extra nutritional content to your dog in a beneficial way.

One of the most important additions to the raw food diet is calcium. This can easily be added with finely ground egg shells.

So a raw food diet is great for your dog. But care has to be taken to ensure that it is balanced with all the nutrients that are required to keep your best friend healthy and active.